Sometimes we become the person we least want to be.

We shoot from the hip and act out in a way or manner that isn’t who we usually are.

This is a trait that we can all be guilty of at some point but how we act after the situation can tell us more about ourselves than if we don’t.

A while back I dropped the ball so to speak and became the person I least wanted to be and told this guy off in the gym. I was having a bad day and acted like a total dick because he got in my way. As soon as I acted like this I immediately regretted it because I never tell people off, unless they deserve it, but this guy didn’t deserve it one bit.

I apologised the next day but months later even though we’d ‘made up’ I was still embarrassed by my poor behaviour and decided to take him out for lunch.

Funny how you never really know someone until you spend quality time with them.

Sowaddi thanks for being a better person than me and I’ve made a friend in the process of admitting my own mistakes.

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