If you’ve ever climbed a tree in the heat of summer with hundreds of these little legends drumming away then you’ll know just how awesome cicadas are.

A totally harmless insect that can spend up to 15 years underground before emerging to spend a few desperate days singing its lovemaking chorus in the hope of getting laid before it’s eaten by a bird or some other critter.

They come in a multitude of colours from green (Green Grocers), yellow (Yellow Monday’s), brown (Brown/Floury Bakers), speckled (Speckled Hens), Tom Thumbs (tiny ones about 20-30mm) and the rare White Ghost.

Shown below is a Black Prince on the left and a pair of Golden Drummers on the right.

If you’ve got friends from overseas visiting you can have fun freaking them out with their discarded shells that can be found at the bottom of most Eucalyptus trees.

Tell em their poisonous and throw one at them. ??

Cicadas are awesome and one of the sounds of summer.

I’ll always have fond memories of catching these as a kid.


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