Culture in the work place – What you say, how you act and how you treat people can have massive effects on peoples’ lives, positively and/or negatively.

I’m going to talk about the negative.

Lately I have become aware of people acting like they’re superior to others.

Those who rather laughingly have a bit of a hmmm how should we say, an ‘elitist attitude’.

They make others feel like they lack worth, intimidating them, talking about them behind their backs.

If you experience this in your community or your work place you need to address it immediately.

People who are targeted in negative ways can suffer immensely…ever heard of a thing called depression or suicide?


People who experience being constantly berated, undermined and just mentally and emotionally beaten down can suffer severe depression and anxiety when they go to work.

Imagine someone who for example may be a parent or a wife or a son and that person is being targeted for no reason. They go home and their partner or kids don’t get their full energy or love because crap going on in their work place is affecting their physical and mental health at home. The ‘ripple effect’.

I’ve experienced it firsthand. My wife has, my friends have, my students have, my colleagues have/are.

It has to stop. NOW.

I know what it’s like to feel anxious, depressed and sick and seriously dreading going to work because of an insecure, cowardly person or group of people. Work should be a place of good energy and vibes. Not piss weak nonsense.

People build and develop resilience through the hurdles and challenges that life throws at them. People do not and should not be expected to build resilience through being bullied.

Even though I’m a smart ass at times I have values. I have a huge understanding of empathy and what it is to be in someone elses shoes who may be being bullied or victimised.

It’s just not cool!

People often act negatively towards others because of their own insecurities, their own lack of true confidence.

You might think your cool and knowledgeable but if you can’t treat people with the dignity and respect that you’d expect then you’re just an arrogant, ignorant and stupid fool.

As my good friend Sone Lovan said to me recently,

“People may have mental and physical intelligence but they lack emotional intelligence” So true.

That’s why I like surfing and martial arts so much because the ocean is always the boss and in fight gyms there’s always someone waaaay better to constantly keep your ego in check.

I’m lucky that surfing, BJJ and martial arts has taught me to be supremely confident in my own skin and with my many great successes that I couldn’t care what people think of me because I have a great many friends and communities (mma, surfing for eg) around me.

Others aren’t so fortunate.

To the culprits who do this, pull your heads in because you’re not that great. Heck you sure as hell ain’t curing cancer. Stop acting like you are. All you’re showing everyone but your little circle of dipshits are your insecurities, your cowardice and pardon my French but your ‘cuntiness’.

As I’ve said before If I see it or know of it I’ll name and shame you for the weak pieces of shite you are. Seriously.

I’ll say this that if anyone I know is experiencing this first hand – whether you’re the victim or a witness – then I’m here to help and offer advice because in life there are only 2 types of people, legends (good people) and assholes (bad people, you know, assholes) and legends, like cream (as my brother used to say), always rise to the top. I love helping good people. There’s a saying used in financial and economic circles that goes “a rising tide lifts all boats” that means something like if the economy lifts then all other industries get a boost. I like to think that in the work place a rising tide lifts all the boats means good energy and vibes lifts everyone’s spirits. Not just those who feel like they are superior to others because of their falsely believed elitist attitude.

If you’re reading this and am thinking, ‘shit yeah maybe I am treating someone at work or in my community like crap’ then ask yourself, ‘what is it in my life that I’m so unhappy about that I’ve stooped so low to treat other people like shit for absolutely no reason?’

Be a good person. Good is all you need. Be good.

There’s enough misery in the world. Don’t be a part of it.


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