Aaahhhh Good ol’ firecracker night.

Banned in NSW in 1986 I believe.

You could buy em everywhere.

I used to get my brother to forge mum or dads signature and would buy them up at New Street shops in Balgowlah Heights.

Or trips to Chinatown with my dad where he’d haggle the crap out of old Chinese guys who’d eventually lead us down some seedy old back alley and reveal their super loot of imported fireworks.

We’d then go to the park and have bunger, crazy jack, skyrockets (trust me they’re best and most savage fired horizontally not vertically) and throwdown wars.

Then we discovered that you could take em apart and use the gunpowder to make pipe bombs.

No ones letterbox was safe in the neighbourhood. ???

Sorry kids but if you were born after 1986 you just have no idea how much fun you’ve missed out on unless you lost an eye or a finger. Got plenty of burns to my fingertips as a kid though ???? Epic times.

What were your best memories of cracker night?

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