Funny story.

This guy, big wave surfing legend Ross Clarke Jones, what a king.

Just bumped into him on the beach and recounted how after my first trip to Bali in the mid 90’s i’d read an interview with him by i think it was Waves magazine and they’d asked him what piece of advice he’d give the first time traveller/surfer to Bali.

His response was something like,

“Don’t go to Scandal(ous?) nightclub.”

Not take a bigger board or avoid Kuta or get travel insurance.

Nope his advice was don’t go to Scandal nightclub.

Hahahahaha Whaaaat! I’d been there. i knew what he meant.

When i returned from that first trip i had asked all of my mates who’d been to Bali if they’d ever been there or had heard of it.

None had. But Ross Clarke Jones knew of it and here was my chance to finally have a laugh about it.

As soon as i mentioned the nightclubs name and the interview he cracked up. Believe me it was a zoo in there. I’m not exactly sure what RCJ’s experience was but for me It was one of the seediest nightclubs i’d ever been to.

There i was at 5AM dragged into the thick of it in downtown Seminyak. I’d only been inside for a few minutes but that was all i needed to witness before i turned tail and bolted as best i could in my supremely wasted stupor.

As i left and made my way through the myriad of back alleys to the beach i was corralled by a pack of rampant, mange cladded Indo street hounds that i managed to fend off much to the amusement of a bunch of locals pissed on arak.

Imagine some blind drunk Aussie trying to punch on with a pack of dogs, yelling and barking at them as they return fire with their own feinted attacks. Hahaha what a dooley.

Aaaaaaahh good times. Cheers RCJ for being a legend and having a laugh.

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