When I was a kid, maybe 7 or 8, I vividly remember my mum telling me that when you hear a kookaburra laugh it means the weather is about to change (rain).

For over 35 years I’ve paid attention to this and literally every time I’ve heard kookaburras have a good laugh the weather changes within the next 24 hours from fine/hot/sunny to either thunder and rain or just a cool change.

Yesterday afternoon I was teaching several kids and I heard some kookaburras have a good laugh and said ‘there’s a change on the way’.

Sure enough last night at around 9.30pm a cool change came through albeit a brief one but a change nonetheless.

Not sure if it’s an old wives tale or aboriginal folklore but every time I’ve witnessed a southerly buster come through it’s been preceded by these guys having a good old chuckle.

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