My coach the martial artist.

When I think of what a real martial artist is names like Richard Norton, Nadine Champion, Larry Papadopolous, John Will, Paul Cale, Vince Perry, Rob Naumouski, Nick Stone, Wayne Parr amongst many others comes to mind.

These people in their own way represent and live the Budo spirit – the ‘martial way’ or ‘way of war’.

They have the real skills, real experience, the real humility and as a result are held in the highest regard by their peers.

A real martial artist ‘HAS’ to know the real art of war (fighting) in my opinion.

My coach Anthony Lange is one of these people…no doubt.

A 100% true, bona fide martial artist with qualifications in :

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – 3rd degree black belt

Shorin Ryu Karate – black belt

Arnis – (Philipino stick fighting) – black belt

JB Will shoot fighting – black belt

Stav – instructor level (Nordic Viking martial art. Think axes and swords)

Fought both amateur and pro MMA back in the day – 90’s.

First Australian born male black belt to win gold at the BJJ world masters.

He could kill you with anything from an ashtray to a newspaper, your jacket, his bare hands or your own. A chain, a stick, your IPhone. Guaranteed he’ll know a way to take you out with it.

Former punk rock band frontman to trainer of some of Australias first pioneers into the UFC (think Elvis Sinosic and Anthony Perosh).

A family man, a coach and a top bloke.

Never talks smack about anyone.

Still gets on the mats everyday.

A true martial artist. A real martial artist.

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