Well they say things happen in 3’s. Firstly earlier in the week my wife and I missed out on getting an apartment we really liked/wanted. Positive side is we can look for a better place.

Secondly I dropped an $800 iPad and smashed it. Bummer. Positive side is I can back everything up.

Thirdly after attending an awesome seminar on leg locks – ashi garami – by the great John Bernard Will I was giving John a lift to the airport and while doing a u turn clipped a gutter and blew a tire. Positive side to it is I got John into a cab and he’ll make his flight back to Melbourne. To be honest I’m not phased about the tire but was bummed about not getting to spend more time talking to John who’s got one of the best martial arts brains in the business. Tire changed and now on my way home to write up some notes on today’s seminar. ??

As they say in Monty Python ‘Always look on the bright side of life ‘

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