Surfing and exploration go hand in hand.

Surfers have for the better part of the last 70 years discovered an incredible amount of our planet.

Getting off the beaten track and away from the crowds in their eternal quest for the perfect wave they have discovered places that we may still not know about if it wasn’t for their unquenchable thirst for liquid joy.

From the Pacific Ocean to the Indian Ocean, the Arctic to the Aleutians surfers have explored just about every little nook and cranny on earth that is exposed to swell.

Lance Knight discovering what is now known as Lances Right (or Hollow Trees) or Chris Goodnow and his friend Scott discovering Macaronis in Indonesia. Tony Hussein Hinde in the Maldives to Jeff Clark first surfing big wave location Mavericks in California and Mike Hynson riding the perfection of Sth Africas Cape St. Francis in Bruce Browns 1966 surf film The Endless Summer,

stories of hidden, far away oceanic perfection have lured many a surfer to the far reaches of the globe.

Surfers are a unique breed. Their tenacity and salty grit have undoubtedly opened up many a far corner of the earth for future generations to discover. But even though the world is rapidly becoming a smaller and smaller place whatever you want, it’s still out there if you search hard enough.

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