Just another day in ‘the lucky country’.

So today I woke and had a cup of Javanese coffee from my local Italian barista.

I then took my wife to Bing Lee where my Pakistani mate offered me a sausage sizzle but I said “no thanks mate” as I was pondering whether or not to go and train this ancient Japanese art called Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but instead decided my wife and I should go and eat some Yum Cha from our favourite Chinese place in Crows Nest.

After this I went home and watched an entire American made tv series (Queen of the South) about Mexican drug runners and politicians whilst eating a whole tub of Korean Kim Chee and Persian figs.

After that my wife and I thought we should eat some lamb for dinner so we decided to cook up an epic Greek roast on the BBQ and sample a ‘choice bru’ New Zealand Oyster Bay Chardonnay.

All day though my mind was constantly thinking,

‘hmmm wonder what the surf is like?’

as I pondered as to whether or not it’d be worth going and partaking in the ancient Hawaiian/Polynesian art of riding waves.

Happy Australia Day and don’t forget to pay respects to the real and true custodians of the land.

Hmmmm might have that last bit of Turkish delight. ?

True story.

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